Relationships are failing because of technology


A team of scientists have asked for males and females to pack away their technology and have more sex. This comes after they discovered that people are becoming so absorbed in their tables and phones that they shift their love lives to second place.

The researchers said around 70% of females stated that smartphones were interfering in their romantic relationships.

According to the study, screens and technology, which we are consumed by, are creating ‘technoference’ in couples. This could range from picking up the phone whilst casually relaxing, to checking Facebook whilst in the middle of an argument.

According to a psychologist at Brigham Young University and author of this study, Sarah Coyne, this is happening everywhere. She said couples in restaurants often both have their phones on the table, to make it easy for them to respond if it buzzes.

The study involved 143 cohabiting or married heterosexual females, who were questioned about their phone, tablet, computer and TV habits. They also had to answer questions about the way in which their partner used technology, if there was conflict about the use of technology, and their satisfaction level with their relationship and their life in general.

According to the participants, computers took the first spot in interfering in their relationship, closely followed by mobile phones.

They stated that of the scenarios which had been presented to them, the most common event was when their partner used his phone during ‘couple leisure time’. Around 62% reported that this occurred at least once a day.

According to relationships expert, Alison Bruzek, 40% of women stated that their partners are distracted by the television during a conversation at least once per day. One third said he would access his phone during a meal or in the middle of a conversation.

One quarter stated that their partner actually sends texts or emails to another person whilst having a face-to-face conversation with them.

Aside from the intrusion, the problem was how this made the women feel. It was found that this conflict over technology resulted in poorer relationships, and this contributed to a decline in life satisfaction.

A developmental psychologist based at Indiana and Purdue Universities, Michelle Drouin, said mobile technology was introduced to people extremely quickly and we all started using computer-mediated interaction, without considering the implications.

Since this study involved a small group of females, the researchers have acknowledged that the correlations could be due to other factors as well.

For those who are feeling aggravated by technology intrusion, the authors have advised that they should not eliminate technology completely from the relationship. Instead, having a discussion about what is acceptable and what is unacceptable regarding the use of devices during meals or in the bedroom could make a huge difference.

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