Europe’s largest private IVF clinic to open in London, offering lunchtime MOTs


Busy workers in London will soon be offered fertility checks during their lunch breaks, at a cost of £200.

The test used to assess females with a combination of blood tests and 3D ultrasound will take approximately one hour. Males will be offered an in-depth analysis of their semen at a cost of £90.

The Create Fertility Centre will also offer up to 4000 IVF cycles on an annual basis.

The founder of Europe’s largest IVF clinic, Professor Geeta Nargund, said that the fertility potential of a woman can be assessed fully within one hour. She said clients will be offered advice dependent on their fertility potential related to their age.

The clinic will not offer men and women conventional IVF where drugs are used in the stimulation of ovaries. Instead, it will offer a natural-cycle IVF. This involves the collection of a woman’s egg after her natural cycle and the replacement of it into the uterus after it has been fertilised.

The clinic will however offer mild-stimulation IVF, where a lower drugs dosage is used.

According to Professor Nargund the primary ethos of the clinic is the avoidance of invasive methods and the improvement of conditions for conception prior to the use of drugs.

She said the treatment offered is less expensive, safe and can be repeated during subsequent cycles. The clinic offers three natural-cycle IVF treatments for £5900, or three mild-stimulation IVF cycles for £6950.

An independent consultant gynaecologist, Gedis Grudzinskas, has issued a warning about success rates to potential clients. He said that while alternative treatments to traditional IVF are a positive move, patients should be aware that successful results are much lower than instances where drugs are used. He added that live-birth rate linked to natural IVF is generally not greater than 10%, particularly for older females.

However, Professor Nargund, claims that the latest results achieved in her clinic indicates a 27% live-birth rate for those under the age of 37, using their own eggs.

The opening of the clinic comes after it was revealed that the first NHS-funded national sperm bank is due to open in Britain during October to ease the process of having children for single women and lesbian couples. It will allow potential clients to search an online database for an anonymous donor with reference to their profession and physical characteristics for as little as £300 which is less than 50% the cost in a private clinic.

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