Too much or too little sleep can age the brain


A study has revealed that either too much or too little sleep can create a serious impact on mental stability later in life. If people go below or above the designated period of 6 to 8 hours of sleep, risk damaging their brains’ cognitive capabilities. Almost 8 percent of those who do not respect the normal sleeping hours have shown symptoms of brain tiredness such as reasoning or shortages in their vocabulary.

Scientists have also warned people that if the brain tires rapidly then the rest of the body will tire more rapidly or even shut down completely. Researchers from the University of London revealed that in only a 5 year period of sleep changes can affect the brain’s ability to carry out processes. They have conducted an experiment which consisted of six simple tests: memory, reasoning, phonemic fluency, semantic fluency, vocabulary and global cognitive status.

Almost 25 percent of women and about 18 percent of men who didn’t sleep as much as six hours or went beyond eight, showed a drop of their intellectual capacities such as reasoning or vocabulary.

According to researchers, the number of hours that is considered to be the exact resting time needed by the human brain is 7.

Jane Ferrie, who is one of the senior researchers of the study said:

The main result to come out of our study was that adverse changes in sleep duration appear to be associated with poorer cognitive function in later-middle age.

Enough sleep is mandatory for not having side effects such as memory shortages or focusing problems, but too much sleep can alter the way in which people commit to their work, perform at a certain level or concentrate on a given task.

All researchers agreed that people need an exact sleeping schedule for an extended period of time in order to access the desired normal life and a good function of their bodies.


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