The ideal day for sex obsessed men


A new survey has revealed that given the choice, men would spend three and half hours working each day, and four hours on sex.

The ideal day for the participants in the survey revealed that men would divide the hours of their day in a particular fashion. They would spend three hours and thirty six minutes on their job, three hours and twenty-two minutes to socialise with family and friends, and four hours and nineteen minutes having sex. Over and above these activities, they would spend two hours and thirty-eight minutes on drinking and eating, whilst grooming was only allocated up to twenty nine minutes.

The rest of their time would be spent sleeping.

According to the survey, 64% of men confessed to using their tablets and smartphones while on the toilet. The survey revealed that 26% of the men confessed to planning their to-do list while they were intimate with their partner.

Of the participants in the study, 51% of males under 34 years of age are concerned that they are missing out on life experiences if they do not use all their available time. This has prompted at least 25% of all the participants to try and find new and innovative ways to fit more life experiences into their normal routine.

When questioned on possible sacrifices, approximately 70% stated that they would be willing to give up some of their friendships if it meant they would have more time for their activities on a daily basis.

The increase in compressed products, activities and technology has led to a new trend with 38% of the survey participants believing that the effectiveness of compressed workouts are similar to longer session in the gym. About 20% of these men make use of their commuting time to learn a new skill or language on their tablets. Around 64% believe that the advancement of technology allows them to fit more activities into their normal day.

The Brand Manager for Unilever compressed deodorants, Paul O’Connor, who was involved in the study, stated that the demands of our modern society means that young males are pressured into fitting more into their normal lives. Thus they are always on the lookout for technology and products that will allow them to fulfil this need.

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