Repel radiation with silver-lined pants to protect sperm count


A British scientist has developed silver-lined boxer shorts which is able to repel radiation from everyday use of gadgets.

Joseph Perkins states that the metal which is woven into the underwear creates a small cage to protect against 99.9% of radiation.

He believes the shorts are a necessary requirement to protect against the falling sperm counts among men, which could be due partly to the use of gadgets.

He stated that the underwear is successful because the cage which was invented by Michael Faraday during the 1800s, distributes electromagnetic radiation evenly.

Mr Perkins stated in a message posted on his Indiegogo fundraising page that vital military installation and parliamentary communications systems are protected by Faraday cages in a bid to prevent interference.

His invention offers males protection for their most valuable assets by the use of his Wireless Armour.

He states that it covers the full range of radiation that is emitted from wireless devices, such as texts and voice signals to Wi-Fi and 4G.

The idea was born while Mr Perkins was teaching physics in Switzerland, when he realised that he was being exposed to massive amounts of radiation from the gadgets he was working with.

He requires £30,000 to commence production of the safety underwear.

Early contributors to the project will be able to obtain a pair of the shorts for £14, however for those who contribute later, the price will increase to £24.

Mr Perkins intends developing a bra for protection against radiation at some point in the future.

Image Credit: Wireless Armour


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