Men could really be nagged to death


A man who feels he is regularly being nagged, be it by his wife, children, other family members, or even the neighbours should heed this warning.

Researchers have revealed that excessive demands from these sources increase the risk of death during middle-age two-fold.

According to research, the stress caused by general worry and arguments may lead to heart disease. It could also cause the lowering of the immune system which will lead to other health issues.

The effects seem to affect men more as they are unlikely to discuss their problems with family and friends. The researchers have stipulated that most men only confide in their partners and this is normally the person who is nagging them and causing the stress.

University of Copenhagen’s Dr Rikke Lund and colleagues observed 9875 Danish males and females between the ages of 36 and 52, for a period of 11 years.

All the participants were required to complete detailed questionnaires to allow the researchers to determine how often they were in conflict and faced demands from partners, friends, family, colleagues and neighbours.

Over the 11 year time period, 196 of the participants did. The causes of death included cancer, heart disease, suicide and liver disease caused by alcohol abuse.

The researchers used the data to calculate how likely it was for men and women to die based on the regularity of being nagged and arguing with the people in their lives.

Men who stated that they faced a huge amount of demands from their partner, friends and family were found to be twice as likely to die, compared to women who face the same demands, who were 34% more likely to die.

Dr Lund has put the blame for the early deaths on stress. Stress can cause heart disease and high blood pressure.

She said that men are more affected as they generally have fewer close family and friends in whom they can confide. They normally have much smaller networks than females. They often only have one good friend or colleague. The one person they feel they can talk to is normally the person who is placing the pressure on them. Women have larger networks and are able to share their stress load easier.

Previous research which was done indicated that the stress on the cardiovascular system is linked to a rise in blood pressure, which is linked to heart disease.

Dr Lund stated that there was no evidence that cancer can be caused by stress, however, it may lead to abuse of alcohol or suicide.

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