Hungry men attracted to larger ladies


Although the saying is that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, it is possible that the stomach also plays a role in this.

According to research, males who are hungry are more attracted to bigger women, particularly those with larger breasts. However, they may change their minds once their hunger has been satisfied.

The study which included 266 males was conducted by Dr Viren Swami of Westminster University. The men were shown images of females and asked to rate them according to attractiveness. The males who were hungry appeared to find bigger women more attractive, particularly the ones with bigger breasts.

Previous studies done related to this topic have also indicated that hungry females are attracted to bigger males.

Dr Swami’s findings were presented at the Cheltenham Science Festival where he stated that hunger is able to change your idea of whom you find attractive. He said that hungry males prefer bigger breasts in females, as well as bigger women generally.

Dr Swami stated that females prefer a male who is slightly heavier.

During the studies, the males had not had anything to eat for around six hours and the differences in their choices were quite evident.

The doctor stated that the results indicated that when there are limited resources, people are attracted to the opposite sex who is larger in size as their size indicates that they have access to food.

The University of Edinburgh’s Professor Gareth Leng stated that the connection could be due libido and hunger being controlled by the same section of the human brain. He said there is science behind this phenomenon. He stated that hunger and sex are two basic drives and this explains why people go to dinner and then want to interact sexually.

Dr Swami discovered that males who are sexist have a higher attraction to slimmer females. He stated that the most appealing factor is kindness.

He further added that people found conscientious, more agreeable persons more attractive, which means the nice guy will not lose the race.

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