Gay men are now allowed to donate blood


Gay men are no longer banned from donating blood. It was considered to be discriminating against their right to equality. The law states that only men that have not had sexual contact for a period of more than 10 years are considered healthy and safe blood donors.

It is extremely important for the blood to be HIV free, but homosexual donors proved to be dangerous as other infections can have a late manifestation in the blood. The Public Health Minister, Anne Milton agreed to change the law in order to achieve a correct state of equality around all citizens. She already has the support of Andrew Lansley, who is the Health Secretary, as well as Lynne Featherstone’s, the Minister of Equalities.

Although donors are known to be telling the truth each time the come to donate blood, doctors cannot ascertain whether or not they are telling the truth.

Sabto, which is the committee that deals with blood safety, calculated that a period of only 5 years after sexual intercourse with another man is not enough to eliminate the possibility of a HIV infestation. The Public Health Minister agreed that 10 years is the necessary amount of time to be on the safe side of risk free blood donation.

Around 87,000 people are known to be infested with the HIV virus in Britain alone. More than 25% of them don’t even know that they are infested. According to a study made by Terrence Higgins Trust, 42% of all homosexual men were known to carry the virus in 2009.

If HIV isn’t what a homosexual donor can transmit to another person, syphilis is another disease that can be transmitted through blood. Those who support the gay community and gay rights have been known to campaign against this law. They believe that homosexual men do not pose a threat as the majority of them are single.


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