Best sex position for males with back pain…


Scientists have discovered the best way for males suffering with back pain to have sex.

Researchers have found that although spooning is recommended for those suffering back pain, it is not always so. They stated having sex ‘doggy-style’ may be the best option.

Scientists based at the University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, have documented the movement of the spine during the sex act.

Researchers analysed information they gained from electromagnetic and infrared motion capture systems and documented the movements of 10 couples whilst trying the five most common positions.

They used this information to create a set of guidelines recommending ‘thrusting techniques’ and different positions based on what promotes back pain in males.

The findings offered a recommendation for those who are flexion-intolerant, which is when back pain is worsened by touching your toes or remaining in a sitting position for long periods. The recommendation was for these men to replace their spooning position with doggy-style sex. The authors also stated that they should try a ‘hip-hinging motion, instead of thrusting by using their spines’.

The lead author, Natalie Sidorkewicz, said prior to this study, physicians recommended spooning as the position that is suitable for everyone, however this is not the case. She said sex positions that are found to be suitable for a specific type of back pain may not be suitable for another type of pain.

She stated that for the first time ever, they have solid scientific evidence to guide clinicians about what they recommend to patients suffering with extreme back pain, but who still want intimacy. The results of this study have the potential to improve the love-life and quality of life for many couples.

Professor Stuart McGill based at the University’s faculty of applied health sciences, said that family doctors often state that couples ask for recommendations on how to manage back pain during and after sexual encounters. He said many couples choose to remain celibate because one night of lovemaking could result in months of suffering with agonising back pain. He added that until now doctors have not had solid scientific evidence to base any recommendations on.

The researchers are planning to publish their findings about what happens to the spine of the woman in a few months’ time.

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