Is jogging bad for your health?


Jogging often makes people feel good about themselves because they are finally starting to get some exercise. However, new research has suggested that too much of a good thing could lead to an early death.

According to U.S researchers, those who do moderate levels of exercise are the ones who will live the longest. This may include running for around two to three hours each week.

The results of the research have shown that individuals who do a lot of running and those who do not run or keep fit at all, both have limited life spans.

They are unsure of the reason behind this, but feel that it may be related to the health of your heart.

The study, which was undertaken by researchers at the Cardiovascular Research Institute of the Lehigh Valley Health Network in Pennsylvania, included 3800 active runners. The participants included both males and females in an average age group of 46. Almost 70% of the group stated that they ran in excess of 20 miles each week.

The health of the participants was noted as was the type of medication they were taking. They had to state if they were smokers and if they had high cholesterol or high blood pressure.

The researchers found that none of the factors they included in the study could offer them an explanation as to why those who ran the furthest suffered shorter lifetimes.

The leader of the study, Dr Martin Matsumura, has said that he will not tell individuals not to continue running because of the results of the research. He does however ask those who do a lot of running to stay abreast of research results into the link between excessive running and lifespan. He said that they still cannot define the most beneficial dose of running for longevity and health.

A reviewer of the research results, Dr James O’Keefe, believes that the results of these tests may be attributable to the damage to the bodies of those who do a lot of regular running. He has advised that people target about two and a half hours of moderate running each week.

He further said that if you are determined to run a marathon, you should limit it to one and remove it from your bucket list.

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