Huge variances in life expectancies across England and Wales


The ONS today revealed figures which show huge differences in life expectancies across England and Wales.

The data was collected between 2011 and 2013, and places focus on the fact that boys born in more affluent areas today can expect to live at least 10 years longer than those born in poorer areas.

The report indicated that there was not one local area in the top five for male life expectancy in the North East and Wales. This is in comparison to 32% of local areas located in the East, 43% in the South East and 28% in the South West. The ONS confirmed a similar pattern for females.

Baby Boys

The life expectancy for newborn baby males was highest in South Cambridgeshire. In this area, they can be expected to live to the age of 83.

Blackpool offered the lowest figure, with baby boys living to an expected 74.3 years. This is an overall variance of almost nine years.

Baby Girls

Newborn baby girls have a higher life expectancy in Chiltern, where it is 86.4 years, and the lowest in Manchester, at 80 years. This is a variance of 6.4 years.

Older Males

Males aged 65, living in Harrow London, was reported to be 21.1 years, whilst in Manchester it was 16 years.

Older Females

For women aged 65, the highest life expectancy was in Camden, London at 24 years, and the lowest was in Halton, North West England, at 18.8 years.

According to the ONS, the method of calculation used has been in practice since the 1840s, to measure the health status of the population within England and Wales.

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