Turning 50 will make you happy again


People who are currently in their 40′s and are experiencing a midlife crisis must not worry too much. According to a study made by economists, people tend to acquire a better state of mind and spirit after reaching the age of 50. After passing the magical number 50 many have noticed a sudden change of heart, and were feeling a lot better emotionally.

When it comes to happiness, this 180 degree turn takes up to 30 years to complete. People start to feel a particular sadness towards the evolution of their lives in their early 20′s, and don’t show any sign of getting better until they pass 50. Sadness appears to make its presence after the age of 25 and sticks to a person for the duration of his marriage, usually when children need parental support the most.

The study has also shown that people who are above the age of 65 look at their 25 year old versions and see a higher degree of happiness. This is not entirely accurate. They are actually happier than they were at 25.

Countries like Great Britain, Switzerland, and Germany were submitted to the same study, and the results that came were almost similar. Scientists did not find an exact reason for such an abrupt change in how people view life after turning 50 but that doesn’t mean the results are not encouraging. One particular reason suggests that wisdom has something to do with happiness. Those who get to experience life at its best and at its worst know what to expect from it after reaching a certain age. This may be the reason why 50 year olds are happier than most 20 year olds.

Bert Van Landeghem’s report revealed that happiness isn’t always attributed to young age. He said:

Both the 25 year old and 65 year old might agree that it is nicer to be 25 than to be 65. But the 65 year old might nevertheless be more satisfied, as he has learned to be satisfied with what he has.

Psychologists reached the conclusion that being rich can also trigger a dose of happiness that was never encountered in one’s life before. They’ve also revealed that husbands above the age of 50 will always seek to become better than their neighbors. Material goods pose a threat to happiness as there will always be room for more.


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