One in seven care homes fail to deliver proper services


The Care Quality Commission issued a rather alarming estimate. According to the regulator, one in seven care homes don’t respect the health and safety regulations when it comes to feeding or bedding their patients. These disturbing facts were released to the public as the country still feels the remaining ripples left behind the economic crisis, especially in the private sector and private care facilities.

One of the most serious cases is that of Southern Cross, which UK’s largest home care firm. It manages about 30,000 elderly patients and now risks total financial loss if the rents imposed by their landlords are not reduced.

Experts believe that the firm’s sudden plummet is owed to “misguided property deals” which didn’t turn back to look at possible detrimental effects.

There are a total of 750 homes administered by Southern Cross, of which the Sefton Park Care Home located in Lanarkshire, Scotland has major problems when dealing with its elderly patients. The private care home was regarded as “poor” and a word which doesn’t do justice to the actual state it presents itself – “adequate”.

Only 11 homes which are run by the local authorities or by non-profit organizations appear to be in the same state. The Care Quality Commission used the data from April 2010 in order to come up with these grim results.

One inspector from the Commission believes that the current situation cannot continue. He said:

Fundamentally, it’s now got to a point of being dangerous (for residents) – and it’s going to get worse. If I had a relative who needed to go to a care service, I’d be concerned. The cuts haven’t begun to bit yet. When the next disaster happens, inspectors hope that it won’t be one of theirs.

Southern Cross didn’t make any comments regarding the issue presented by the CQC, and hopes to settle the things rather than close the locks on all the doors.


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