Early risers should be healthy, wealthy and wise


According to scientists getting out of bed early to enjoy that early morning ‘blue light’ will help kick start your body’s metabolism.

If you are one of those early risers who should be healthy, wealthy and wise, you may also never have a problem with your weight.

Scientists have found that getting an adequate dose of that early morning sunshine improves your health by lowering the level of body fat.

They say that 20 to 30 minutes of this early morning sunlight is sufficient to keep the pounds at bay. This is according the first study that has been done to link light to weight.

They believe that the early morning light activates particular genes that are linked to your internal body clock and starts up your metabolism.

The senior member on the study, Dr Phyllis Zee who is a Professor of Neurology at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, has stated that light is one of the most potent agents for the synchronisation of your internal body clock. It regales circadian rhythms which is responsible for the regulation of energy balance.

She stated that persons who do not get sufficient light at the most appropriate time of the day may suffer a de-synchronisation of their internal body clocks. This is known to alter your metabolism and may lead to weight gain.

The message that she is sending out is that you should try to take advantage of the bright light between 8 am and noon. Most people do not get sufficient natural morning light because Western lifestyles are mostly indoors. Home and office environments produce around 200 to 300 lux, which is the light measurement, whilst even if it is a cloudy day, the light outside is in excess of 1000 lux.

The researchers have said that morning light should be taken into account when devising weight management programmes. One of the researchers, Kathryn Reid, has stated that in the same way as people are trying to get more sleep as a weight loss method, they should see the manipulation of light as another weight loss method.

The study included 54 people with an average age of around 30. They were asked to wear a wrist monitor which took measurements of their sleep patterns and light exposure over a period of seven days of normal living. They had to maintain a food log to determine their caloric intake.

It was found that the ones who were exposed to morning light regularly had lower body mass indices.

Previous research that has been done indicated that light has a huge role in the regulation of hunger, satiety and metabolism.

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