Warnings issued over childhood obesity


NHS figures have shown that in excess of one third of children are now classified as overweight or obese by the team they complete primary school education.

The official figures indicate that one in ten children are obese by the time they reach the age of five, and one in five are obese by the age of 11. The figures indicate that the percentage is much higher for those residing in deprived areas, than those in affluent regions of the country.

It was found that almost 27% of the children leaving primary school in Southwark, London were obese, while those only 12 miles away in Richmond Upon Thames indicated a figure of 11.1%.

Statistics from the health and Social Care Information Centre show indicate that a total of 33.5% of children leaving primary school during 2013/14 were found to be overweight or obese. This is a small increase on last year’s figures and an increase of around 2% on the figures for 2006/7.

According to the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health’s Dr Colin Michie, children are being failed. He said the surprising factors about these figures are the huge gap between the health outcomes of children in rich areas, compared to those in poor areas, and that children are becoming overweight at a younger age.

The Royal College has asked that taxes are imposed on junk foods and that all schools should teach nutrition and cooking.

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