One in ten newlyweds sleep apart after their baby is born


Parenthood is what one in ten newlyweds believe to be the cause of their separation when settling for the much needed nocturnal rest. Some young parents appear to come to an accord when it comes to sleeping the sofa. This action ensures a far better rest than sleeping in the bedroom upstairs where the noises coming from the baby’s room are significantly louder.

A third of all couples sleep apart during their first year as parents. Only six couples out of ten admitted to have been sharing their bed every night. This happens partly because women get to come from work later than before. Working hours take their toll on the body so they immediately find the separation the only possible way.

The survey managed to analyze 2,000 couples and ascertain the level of their sleep after the birth of a child. It found that fathers are now taking care of the child’s problems during the night while the mothers tend to their sleep. Three fathers out of five are responding to their child’s cries, while a third of all couples decided to take turns.

The Baby Show survey revealed that 25% of mothers admitted to have taken sleeping pills in order to maintain their necessary resting periods. One in eight said that they have taken the pills for more than 18 months.

Parents from Manchester appear to have been resting the most as polls showed that they manage to sleep 8 hours per night. They were seconded by the ones from Birmingham at seven hours. Londoners are the most affected of them all. At three and a half hours per night they are at the bottom of the poll.

As long as mothers work and fathers are taking action there still is no reason for young couples to fear the lack of sleep. Taking turns still remains the only ‘democratic’ option parents can take into account.


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