Children’s car seats found to be dirtier than toilets


A new study has revealed that children’s car seats hold double the amount of dangerous germs than the average toilet.

University of Birmingham scientists took samples from safety seats and found around 100 potentially dangerous fungi and bacteria in each square centimetre swabbed. Comparatively, a toilet was found to contain about half that number.

The bugs which were found included bacteria that could least to illnesses, such as Salmonella and E.coli.

The survey, done on behalf of Continental Tyres, included 2000 motorists. The Birmingham team swabbed 20 homes and cars to determine the comparisons.

They discovered that the cars contained more hazardous fungal and bacterial species than any area within the home.

They also found that most car owners constantly drive around with cluttered vehicles, and around 10% of British drivers either having an accident or closely missing one due to the clutter in their car.

It was found that most people are unaware of the health risks a dirty car poses to them and their family.

The researchers stated that it was of utmost importance that car owners do regular internal maintenance on their vehicles as this will minimise the risks of clutter and bacteria in the car.

Image Credit: Jim Champion


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