British Ebola survivor allowed to go home


William Pooley, the 29-year-old volunteer nurse has been discharged from a London hospital.

Mr Pooley was received the experimental drug, ZMapp, to allow him to overcome the disease he contracted in Sierra Leone.

He described how he feared that he would die after he caught the virus.

He has praised the ‘world-class’ treatment he received after he was evacuated back to Britain.

Mr Pooley was flown home courtesy of the RAF and received care in a special unit based at the Royal Free Hospital in north London. He explained how he was woken by a doctor in a full protective suit after his blood tests proved positive for Ebola. He said he was concerned that he would die and was worried about his family.

He stated that the worst part of the whole event was having to inform his parents that he had contracted Ebola and he knows no-one want to upset their parents in that way.

He added that he had no regrets about going to an area rife with the Ebola epidemic, but has no plans for the future right now.

William Pooley joked by saying that his passport had been incinerated so his mum should be pleased to know that he is unable to go anywhere right now.

Image Credit: Army Medicine


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