Scots demand shorter wait times for cancer patients


A poll revealed that waiting times for cancer treatment are the subject of this year’s election in Scotland. The survey made by ICM also revealed that the number of policemen who patrol thee streets came in second, and free university tuition for the students in Scotland came in third. It interviewed more than 1,000 adults who live in Scotland to rate all 25 promises made by the electorate in the order of their preference.

The waiting times for a treating a terrible disease such as cancer was the people’s main concern. Currently, patients who suffer from cancer need to wait one month to be checked by a specialist. The aim is to reduce that time in half, an issue which is presented in the Labour manifesto.

Iain Gray, who is the leader of the Labour made a comment regarding this poll, saying:

This shows that Labour is right to focus on the things that really matter. Now the Tories are back, we need a Labour government in Scotland fighting for what really matters to families: faster cancer treatment, keeping frontline policing, no tuition fees and making jobs and apprenticeships a priority.

Health is what’s most important to all people, not only for the Scottish. Cancer is what concerns most developed countries nowadays, so a strong policy to improve the life expectancy of cancer patients is considered crucial.

A spokeswoman from the Labour health firmly expressed her opinion upon this matter, she said:

Going to your GP with suspected cancer is hugely worrying and we know that speeding up the time to see a specialist will mean faster diagnosis and treatment. Labour introduced a two-week cancer guarantee in other parts of the UK and we are determined that Scotland is not left behind.

The election which is going to take place on the 5th of May can be the response most cancer fearing people hope to get.


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