Red meat may lead to bowel cancer


Scientists believe that red meat can lead to bowel cancer. According to The World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF), people should not eat too much red meat. Meat like beef, pork or lamb, and even salamis can trigger bowel cancer if consumed in high proportions.

WCRF began this awareness program back in 2007 when it managed to publish a study about the risks of red meat consumption. The study itself focused on the number of different types of cancer which resulted from increased meat consumption.

The Fund helped scientists from the Imperial College in London to study a number for 263 papers – all concerning diets, weights and the particulars of bower cancer. All scientists came to the conclusion that red meat is particularly dangerous for it causes digestion issues.

Their report said:

WCRF recommends that people limit consumption to 500g (cooked weight) of red meat a week – roughly the equivalent of five or six medium portions of roast beef, lamb or pork – and avoid processed meat.

It is important to know the healthy quantity as 36,000 Brits develop bowel cancer each year. 16,500 of those diagnosed with this type of cancer die. By learning about red meat, scientists now believe that almost 17,000 cases of bowel cancer can be prevented by eating less fibers and drinking less alcohol. Physical activity and weight control are also important factors which WCRF strongly emphasized.

Even the Government found out about the 850-page report and issued a warning early this year. The Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition (SACN) has also supported the report and agreed upon the findings.

The daily average should be kept at 70 grams. SACN believes that a small portion of red meat or salami keeps bowel cancer away. Apparently milk and garlic appear to be great contributors to a safe and healthy bowel, but fruits, vegetables and a great deal of physical activity is the best recipe for an overall good health condition.


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