Plymouth University named as a centre of excellence for brain tumours


According to brain tumour research, 16,000 people are diagnosed with brain tumours; individuals aged under 40 are affected by brain tumours more than any other cancer.
Only 18.8% of those diagnosed with a brain tumour survive beyond five years, compared with an average of 50% across all other cancers.

It is important to use available resources for the improvement in the treatment and rehabilitation of individuals with brain tumours, the Plymouth University is founded upon that belief and it has been named as the center of excellence for brain tumour research. Plymouth is one of the leading brain tumour research centers; other centers include Queen Mary University and Imperial College Healthcare which is located in London. These three research centers will collaborate to create a network of successful research outcomes.

This is achieved by sustainable and continuous research done by these major brain tumour research facilities. This will greatly benefit scientists and clinicians thus making a lot of changes in this previously underfunded field. This University also offers training to promising scientists to fulfill their huge potential in brain tumour research thus giving more opportunities than the usual cliche of preferring other fields that attract greater funding. According to the leader of Plymouth researchers, Professor Oliver Hanemann, the Plymouth University for brain tumour research is not only for pure research but also to raise brain tumour awareness. This research facility will unquestionably make huge leaps into brain tumour research thus giving hope to thousands of brain tumour victims.

The Plymouth University will receive five million pounds of funding over five years which is a huge step into battle against brain tumours.

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