‘No Makeup Selfie’ raises a million for Cancer Research


If donations of £1 million within 24 hours are possible, then the ‘no makeup selfie’ trend is definitely more productive than viral trends used previously.

In excess of 800,000 text donations have been made to Cancer Research UK since it started sharing code for donations on Twitter and Facebook yesterday.

Women have been posting dozens of photographs of themselves without make-up in an attempt to raise money for Cancer Research. Along with the picture, they have submitted the hashtag #nomakeupselfie and a receipt in the form of a text message to keep as evidence of their donation.

The photographs also offer nominations to allow their friends to follow in their footsteps and donate. This has created a viral chain which started on Monday.

Although the hashtag was not initiated by Cancer Research, they acted quickly and became involved. They said that thousands of the posters were posting #cancerawareness #nomakeupselfie pictures and they had several queries as to whether the campaign was theirs. They stated that the campaign was not initiated by them, but that they loved the fact that people were prepared to get involved.

Many of the posters used the no makeup selfie in remembrance of loved-ones who had lost the fight against the disease. Celebrities, such as Kym Marsh and VV Brown, boosted the trend by posting their own pictures.

Men, not to be left out of the fun, have used their own methods of getting involved. Pictures of males in make-up have been posted.

Although funds have been raised during this campaign, it has also received criticism from those with concerns that taking a photograph has absolutely nothing to do with increasing cancer awareness and the role fundraising plays.

Others have said that narcissism is at the centre of the sudden rise in people going online without make-up. Some have argued that uploading this type of photo indicates the type of arrogance that social media has pushed us into and made us become accustomed to.


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  1. Jenny Whitmore on

    My Facebook feed has been a awash with selfies and I don’t know how it all originated, but it was all a good bit of fun and has clearly made a difference, I mean over £1 million raised, brilliant, there should be more of these fun schemes for raising money.

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