Mobile phones can lead to brain cancer


Those who spend a lot of time talking at their mobile phones know that it is dangerous but no what this danger actually implies on the long run. The signal coming from the phones can affect the brain in such a manner that it can actually lead to tumors. According to a research made by the World Health Organization just yesterday, mobile phones are the main culprits for a form of malignant cancer commonly known as glioma. These results are in complete disagreement with the analysis made by most mobile phone manufacturers who assured their customers that their products are safe to use.

The scientists who conducted the research believe there is more to be done in order to completely ascertain the damage done by telephone radio waves. Jonathan Samet from Who, believes that this issue must be subjected to further study. He said: “Our conclusion means there could be some risk and therefore we need to keep a close watch for a link between mobiles and cancer risk.”

Christopher Wild from the World Health Organization strongly suggests that people should become more aware of the dangers and limit the use of their dialing devices. He said: “Pending the availability of further research, it is important to take pragmatic measures to reduce exposure such as hands-free devices or texting.”

The Who’s International Agency for Research on Cancer gathered 31 scientists from 14 nations to talk about the possible dangers involved in mobile calling. The meeting took place in Lyon, France.

There are some 5 billion mobile phone owners worldwide and the total number is still increasing. More and more children get to have mobile phones and use them to send text messages everyday. A study made in 2004 revealed that there was a 40 percent risk for the people who got to use their mobile phone for half and hour over a period of one decade. They were more susceptible to glioma, and other types of cancers as well.

This doesn’t mean other scientists agree with the findings. Ed Yong from Cancer Research UK believes that mobile phones are not that dangerous, and the possibility of getting cancer is very small.


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