Lung cancer surgery increases by 50%


Six years ago one in eleven patients suffering from lung cancer was able to undergo surgery in order to remove their tumors. Last year the ratio got to one in seven patients, which both the NHS and the Royal College of Physicians found to be accurate.

Around 75% of all reported cases of lung cancer cannot undergo surgery due to late diagnostics or the rapid spread of the disease.

There are new ways in which today’s surgeons can successfully operate on people who find themselves in such cases.

According to Dr. Mick Peake, who is an expert when it comes to the human respiratory system, the news appears to be good. He said:

We now have clear evidence that standards of care are improving and we believe that the audit process itself is one of the main factors behind this. Wide variation still exists, however, in the standard or care between different hospitals and we need to continue to strive to bring the care in all units up to the standard of the best.

Prof. Stephen Spiro from the British Lung Foundation support’s the audit and believes that the new treatments will work on people and surgeries will be more successful. This also proves that lung cancer patients can now receive treatments which can further help them if they go and visit a specialist or a nurse. The estimates support the idea and reveal that 64.8 percent of those who decide to go and see a nurse get the treatment, while only 30.4 percent of those who don’t see a nurse may be able to get the same treatment.

The audit which was published on May 23, revealed can how benefit from operations that can save their lives, but treatments are still different and may still depend on the hospitals or their location.

Nurses are able to ascertain the extent of the disease and decide if there is a need for a better treatment. Lung cancers still need to be diagnosed earlier as people tend to avoid check-ups and doctors.


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