Beware Social Smoking: One Cigarette a Day Trebles Heart Risk


Most social smokers are unaware of the damage they are causing their bodies. They believe that the occasional smoke does not harm their health and they do not consider the increased risk of developing smoking-related illnesses.

Doctors have warned that a daily cigarette triples the risk of heart disease death, when compared to individuals who have never smoked. This should act as a warning for those 1.1 million social smokers in Britain. Females who smoked a single cigarette each day are at risk of lung cancer.

Most of the research thus far has been done on the effects of cigarette smoking by heavy smokers. The University College London is the first institute to look at the effects of part-time smoking. The study indicated that one in three part-time smokers used smoking for stress relief, whilst one in find used it as a suitable socialising method. One in seven of the part-time smokers think they are addicted, compared to 38% of daily smokers. Although they are aware of the risks related to smoking, only 15% of these part-time smokers were concerned about the harmful effects of their smoking on their family members.

Smokers are fully aware of how difficult it is to stop smoking. If smokers considered the cost of smoking, they may consider stopping. It is however, possible to obtain free advice on how to stop smoking. The NHS offers a free advice service from trained advisors.

The bottom line is that everyone, including those around smokers, can benefit from giving up this habit, even if they are part-time or social smokers.

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