Alcohol can lead to cancer


It appears that alcohol and cancer are linked more than it was previously thought. 10% of all cancer cases can ‘thank’ alcohol, and one in 33 women is affected by a form of cancer delivered by alcohol consumption.

There isn’t an actual limit when it comes to consuming alcohol. Scientists say that even drinking just one small glass of alcohol now and then can trigger cancer over the years. Heavy drinkers are of course more exposed to the risk of getting cancer much faster than normal drinkers. Cancer dew to alcohol consumption usually installs in organs such as the bowel, mouth or esophagus. Women have a much higher predisposition to develop breast cancer.

Naomi Allen, representing the University of Oxford, revealed that:

This research supports existing evidence that alcohol causes cancer and that the risk increases even with drinking moderate amounts.

NHS guidelines advise both men and women to make sure they don’t exceed the daily limits which are 4 units for men and 3 units for women, on a 24 hour time frame.

A study published in the British Medical Journal showed that cancer can appear even at ridiculously low levels of alcohol. Those 4 units of alcohol that apply for men consist only of 24 grams of alcohol, while those 3 units of alcohol that apply for women, only 12 grams.

Women seem more affected by drinking small amounts of alcohol; usually less than 12 grams per day affect 4 percent of the 1 percent of total alcohol triggered cancer cases.
There are more than 13,000 cancer cases across the UK every year, of which 6,000 were triggered by alcohol consumption. Alcohol damages one’s DNA and progressively weakens the body just enough to let cancer emerge.

The same Naomi Allen said:

The results from this study reflect the impact of people’s drinking habits about ten years ago. People are drinking even more now than then and this could lead to more people developing cancer because of alcohol in the future.

British women are reported to have been drinking more and more each year. Alcohol induced cancer is beginning to affect the women almost as much as it affects men.


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